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Thing we refuse to talk about

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Shining TribeFinally putting away the Rosetta for a few days. I had this calling to pick up the Shining Tribe tarot for this week. It’s one of my favorites and I even blogged on it before but on a now defunct blog and in swedish. I also used it together with the Mary K Greer book ’21 ways to read a tarot card’ and had really good results. The Shining Tribe tarot is done by Rachel Pollack in a primitive style. It’s not a deck for those who like their tarot smooth and perfect and pretty.

I sat down and went through the deck in search of another card to use for a new round of 21-ways and ended up with half the deck. Just so many that speak out to me. So I pulled one for the day and set the rest of the deck aside to see which card the first one would ‘talk’ to me about in a dream. I woke up, forgot most of my dreams but knew I had to pick 5 of Birds.

This is the first card. The ‘talkers’ or perhaps non-talkers. When I picked this early morning yesterday I just put it on the table and left it out for the day. During that day my friend P came over. We chatted for a few hours, had coffee and generally a nice time. After he left I looked at the card again and saw how much alike the birds were yet how they refused to communicate, and that they wore like a manacle around their skinny legs a snake. I write in my paper journal next to a drawing I made of the birds and the snake: ‘I think of how the thing me and P have in common is the very thing that we wish not look upon, like a chain of shame’

I will write more on the 5 of birds a bit later.


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  1. The Rosetta is a hard deck to leave behind isn’t it? 🙂

    I do love the naive art of this deck. Your post made me think of a few people in my life with whom I talk about certain things (safe topics) and avoid others. It is a pity…


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