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Shining tribeTodays card was a reply on what to do to get out of my whiny-phase. I been feeling thin-skinned and needy this week. A girl is sitting by the pool of deep water, near her is the entrance to a cave in a hillside and on top of the hill a stone portal. I see it as a need for me to connect with my source. I do this best in the summer when I go fishing. I don’t really mind the actually fishing, it is the sitting by the water, cooking by a fire and just being outside that is the important bit. Now it is dark and cold and deep snow and I am holed up inside. So practical ways of connecting with the source is to make food for family, take a hot bath with bath salts, drink plenty of water (tea prefered) and just think of all the ways my life is good and I am worthy.


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  1. glad to see you back with the deck of the week group again, and thanks for stopping by my blog. Hugs, always, Sharyn/AJ


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