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Things we find in rivers.

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Shining Tribe7 of Rivers is such an odd card, yet it very much is describing the whole deck for me, abstract, primal, see-through layered, loss of perspective, detail oriented. And story telling, if you let it.

Todays card came after a long restless night with strange but wonderful dreams. My dreams are like that river, you just never know what you will find in them, what kind of wreck will float up, where the little boats will go, which ever way the spirals will twist and why do I dance in a fishies belly? I get the feeling all these rivers are inside of my body, the crazy ones, the deep ones, the polluted one and the mystical one.  And the snakes too. It’s like layers/membranes of my vascular system.


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  1. I’m seriously liking your metaphors!

  2. Your post and this card reminds me of all the layers of consciousness we have. Some I’m aware of, and some I actively try not to be aware of (which is not always a good thing). I wonder what I’d do if my brain suddenly printed out a sheet like an EKG (like this card) that showed me just what was floating around in there…

  3. I love your commentary on this card, Jema. It seems like a powerful deck to do dreamwork with.


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