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Catching Lady Luck is like holding on to a fistful of sand

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Santa Fe
This week my deck is the Santa Fe tarot created by sisters Holly Huber and Tracy LeCocq. It feels very alien to me, but in a serene way. Colour blocks and simple basic colors. Every card is actually brimming with details but since I don’t speak this symbolic language I feel like I am like a child, just grasping at the small shards of what I CAN see. There is a book to the deck that I will try to get hold of later. Right now, it is just me, the cards and wikipedia!

Santa FeMy first three cards were King of Water – Wheel of Fortune – Page of Water Just using my old tarot knowledge here I see this story as a grown up responsible person (king) trying to catch the uncatchable (fortune) cause he is missing some important quality, a childlike curiosity perhaps (page)

I think all cultures have a special god/goddess for luck. Greeks called her Tyche, Romans called her Fortuna. Like Justice she was rarely worshiped as a Persona, more as a concept. Rituals to invoke her benevolence or ward of her disapproval is the basis for a lot of superstition. I quite like this Wheel of Fortune. 8 Yeis (spirits) connected at the root are chasing a lightning but none of them can reach it, it just whirls on and on cause you can never truly catch Lady Luck. Just as a grown up can never truly be that pure and naive child again.

Santa FeI just read on Wikipedia about the Whirling Rainbow that is on the Wheel of Fortune card that it is on almost all Navajo sand paintings, protecting the central image from all directions but the East, cause nothing bad ever comes from East. Considering how the Europeans all landed on the eastern coast of America sure makes you stop and think a little…

There are also some little black dots with wings up in the corners of the courts that I wonder about, they look like bats!


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  1. that IS a strange deck…though seems a little similar to the shining tribe you were working with before, at least visually?


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