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Father Sky Santa FeTodays card, the next in our little story is The Emperor Father Sky. In most of my dreams it is the Goddess of Heaven, Nuit, that fills my sky with stars but here it is a male god and the goddess is instead one of Earth. Either way works I guess. Mother is what we can touch and what nourishes us, Father is more of a Myth, we see only glimpses of him and hear the stories. Yet at night we can look up and imagine ourselves cradled in his starry embrace, follow the moons path across the sky. He is always there but not always as comforting warm. He is raging thunder, strong winds, torrents of rain and clear air. In him is sun moon and stars. Here he wears horns and a warrior mask. His square head is that of Mothers though.  He is the card that threw me off track when I was trying to figure out the pattern in this deck.

I am reminded by the void my own father left, not even a single star did he leave behind. He calls me on the phone sometimes every few years, full of crocodile tears. I have a hard time trusting but I still love him, a little, like a few grains of sand left in a pocket…

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  1. What you wrote here about Mother Earth and Father Sky is a welcome addition to my own thoughts about these concepts – thank you!
    I always struggle with gendered archetypes because I find it so hard to reconcile them with actual human beings who usually never fit just one of them. Also, my queer mind simply doesn’t allow for just two genders, which makes all these concepts of gendered “opposites” pretty much unusable for me.

    By the way, I can’t believe the week is nearly over and today is the first day I even make it to your blog – especially since I was so curious about the Santa Fe deck. I like how you approach it (the High Priestess post is a favorite) and I think you’re doing great making up your own stories to go with the cards.


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