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Sack of seeds

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B'Ganaskiddy Santa FeToday I got The Chariot – B’Ganaskiddy and had to make a little research. He is also called the Humpback God or the Talking God. In his hump is seeds. In his hands a whistle and a medicine bag. He is related to Kokopelli.

Usually The Chariot is for me more about the Vehicle then the driver but here they are the same. He got far to go, he misses the wind in his back, he is protected. The link above wrote a little about how men were sent far away to find a bride to avoid inbreeding (the sowing of seed in new fertile ground) and how the Kokopellis flute is a sign of peaceful intentions. I am not sure yet how this card will play out in this weeks story but I leave off with a little bit of flute.


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