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Rainbows as prayers

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10 rainbows Santa FeTodays card was the 10 of Rainbows/wands and here in the Santa Fe deck Rainbows are prayersticks. A figure is walking across the mountains, back bent under his heavy burden. The road is long and the burden heavy but it is not all in vain. 10’s are the end of the suit and the fulfillment of the element, in this case fire.

I think of how prayers can make burdens lighter, just by saying out aloud that I am in need of help I open up for the possibility to actually receive help in whatever form it takes. For some it is hard to ask for help, and hard to receive it too. One rather let ones need be like a small piece of gravel in the shoe. That won’t really work if you have far to go though.

Also want to acknowledge that today is Holocaust Remembrance Day. I hope we as humans will never forget.


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  1. I had never heard of prayer sticks before, and had to go look them up on Wikipedia. 🙂

  2. What a beautiful message for today, Jema. Love the new look of your blog too. 🙂


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