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4 of water Santa FeTodays card I pulled last night actually. It kinda sums up my whole experience with this deck. Do I stick it out or do I up and run and leave it behind? Well, it is not the time to run yet (we do that not until we cried a little in the 5 and then sat and sighed over good old times in 6 and daydreamed of what we wish for in 7) We don’t really up and leave and start over until the 8 of Water, and this is just 4 and we are already disappointed. Stuck in a situation with these cups and they are hollow, or just not the right temperature tea? We want to get out but on the other hand we know what we got, and to move now might spoil it all.

In the RWS deck this is a card showing a man sitting under a tree, looking sad and wistful at 3 cups and rejecting the 4:th being offered to him. Santa Fe is very much a RWS based deck behind it all. The keywords for this card are morose to say the least : Aversion and Disgust. Stationary period in life. This is one way to see it. What I also see with the 4 of cups though is a the benefits of moderation. To just say no thanks, I don’t need another cup of that, I already got 3. No I don’t need to get engaged in any more of whatever you have to offer/demand, I got more then enough of it myself right here and it is almost more then I can handle.

Today I am reminded that No, I don’t want to fight anyone else’s battles. I got plenty of them as it is.


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  1. “No, I don’t want to fight anyone else’s battles. I got plenty of them as it is.” What a great take on this card (and a great message as well!).


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