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Silicon DawnI got this deck just one or two weeks ago. Read through the book then and looked at all the cards but put it away for later use. Now is the time! Silicon Dawn tarot is created by Egypt Urnash and you can find her amazing site here. She is one classy designer and I do love her fresh take on the tarot, even though she tries to throw us a little by switching pentacles and wands around, it still works!

My journal post for todays card is like a small novella, so I leave you here on the blog with just tiny tidbits, nothing too personal since I do feel slightly exposed here in the blog at times writing too much perhaps about my off-line life. The 4 of Wands is the 4 of Earth as can be seen by the green colour and the theme of the card. the 4 of Wands in RWS decks is more about celebrations, here not so much. I look at this and yes, I been there. Locked inside my own messy rooms, restlessly walking back and forth, locked up in my mind more then in ‘reality’ but of course the mind is a reality of sorts. She could escape between those bars in the window, but for now she waits here.

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  1. Great work with the Santa Fe, tarot is universal ~


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