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Silicon DawnMy day was lived backwards today, not so much my cards even though I did get a reversed 8 of cups too. That 8 somewhat describes the hang-over like state after a night with no sleep. Seems I just plain never went to bed last night but rather stayed up feeling stressed out and anxious over nothing and everything, just one of those nights I guess. This all ties in with me don’t know what day it is. The reason being of course that I lack things to put into my days.

I went for a nap around 8am and slept away the day instead.  Woke up disoriented and with the taste of bad dreams in my mouth.


Silicon DawnThe 8 of cups reversed came up together with 5 of cups. Talk about getting dumped, that looks like a long fall but perhaps that flight wasn’t the right one anyway. Together with her falls 5 cups, all empty, like old misgivings and worries that never quite leave even when you make a run for it – or a dive. 5:s are when we know if this is what we want, we are halfway up the tree (or down) and this is a turning point. We still got time to jump off and start over.

A few hours later after having had dinner, then showered and then coffee and orange juice (a breakfast in reverse just as the whole day) I put away the morning paper (that I stole from a neighbour that left it out all day) and picked up the deck. Silicon dawn is a tiny deck, but thick. Easy to shuffle and a joy to handle and look at. Out feel the Zero of Void.

Silicon DawnA white butterfly trailing a rainbow in the void. In the book the artist writes that the void and extras in this deck (that I leave all in) ‘Consider these the songs that only ever showed up as B-sides’ I think this one is a Hit single though.


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