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Suspended in anticipation

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Silicon DawnCan you read in your dreams? I can but I am also aware the the book might fall apart like fairy’s dust any second. For me reading in a dream is a cue sign to becoming lucid. Reason I bring it up was that I fell asleep this morning with a book in hand and in the dream it turned into something else entirely, a green leather bound travel-journal. Woke up to my mother knocking on my front door with a paperbag with flowers for me! Such a nice start of the day, first the dream then the flowers.

I had taken today’s card before going to bed and it was 12 – usually called the hanged man, here unnamed. She is hanging in a cocoon, like a butterfly to be. She just gives me that same feeling as dream-reading. It is exhilarating but fleeting. Soon, soon, it will be over and the moment is gone. Replaced with something new! But THIS, this right NOW, will never be again. What will come might be glorious or numbingly dull. Who knows.

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