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Integrity and freezing my ass off

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VoyagerTodays card is the 9 of wands – Integrity. This is a perfect example on just how easy these cards really read once you get going. Without looking at the guide-book (that is more a lose leaf system fluttering all over my livingroom at the moment) I wrote the following into my journal.

‘Following my own path, break off from the flock mentality, have a back-bone, creating sacred space, sanctuary, nurturing creativity’

The intense cold spell we are having here is making me annoyed at everything and everyone. Right now I rather wish for 9 sticks of firewood then 9 wands on a tarot-card. But I guess my lesson for today is to demand my right to a warm apartment – that is my sacred space – to my landlord and really INSIST that he makes it bearable to live here. I am not one used to making demands or confront others unless I am really cornered. Well, today this cold has me cornered. It is hard to be kind and enlightened when freezing your bum off.

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  1. I feel your pain – I am a wimp in cold weather! Hope you can light a fire under your landlord and get your heat fixed soon.
    I had this deck years ago, and gave it away. Its a shame really, because I think I would have grown into it and learned to love it had I not.


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