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VoyagerTodays card was the 10 of Wands and in the Voyager that is a truly positive card. It’s not like this deck lacks shadows, it has plenty of more negative cards too. But here we don’t see someone struggle with too heavy burdens, we see things growing up as they should and that is a process that leaves marks, like the year-rings in a tree, or the wrinkles on a hand. But if we grow as we all should, and grow tall and proud and humble there is the promise of the blossom. Hands and roses, passing of time. What do we do with it all? Do I put my soul into what I do? Perhaps not as much as I could. What did I want to grow into? And is it all too late? Of course not, but I remember thinking it was all too late when I was in my 20:ies. I am in my 40:ies now and still got some growing up to do to come into my own as they say.

Text and music:
Karin Dreijer Andersson

When I grow up
I want to be a forester
Run through the moss on high heels
That’s what I’ll do
Throwing out boomerang
Waiting for it to come back to me

When I grow up
I want to live near the sea
Crab claws and bottles of rum
That’s what I’ll have
Staring at the seashell
Waiting for it to embrace me

I put my soul in what I do
Last night I drew a funny man
With dark eyes and a hanging tongue
It goes way bad
I never liked a sad look
From someone who wants to be loved by you

I’m very good with plants
When my friends are away
They let me keep the soil moist
On the seventh day I rest
For a minute or two
Then back on my feet and cry for you

You’ve got cucumbers on your eyes
Too much time spent on nothing
Waiting for a moment to arise
The face in the ceiling
And arms too long
I wait for him to catch me

Waiting for you to embrace me

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