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Todays card was the Emperor. I woke up with a bad back and was first not in the mood to even pull a card. Sore and annoyed and edgy. This is not my favorite major by any means but I got nothing personal against him. One thing that caught my eye in this card was the sense of having the bigger picture, like that bold eagle, the emperor sees far. He is not too concerned with the little every day worldly things that occupy me these days though.

So I sat down with my morning tea, rubbed my back and looked close at this card. The two male faces, father and son, the eagle, twin towers, the golden chest, money, a whale (I liked that one, a symbol for the hidden emotional depths he has, as a partner to the more overtly expressive and emotional Empress) the really REALLY odd thing though was that it took me half a day to even see the hand holding the heap of dirt with a plant. Almost like my eyes refused to see it. Interesting for sure. Is it this hard for me to acknowledge that males can be nurturing?

And my sore back? Still sore and I am squirming a lot. It’s my old scoliosis that is back to haunt me due to the cold days. I’d like a sauna right about now, And some old fashioned massage.

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