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Dream of bees

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I dreamt of tarot cards again, of climbing tree-tops to catch them in the wind, I climbed down again with my bounty and found a neat stack of tarots. They were beautiful, mainly sepia/gold tones and the cards were double-sided, the artwork continued, or was reflected on the backsides. 5 of Cups was a woman dressed in gray named sorrow and the cups were stacked and partly overturned on the other side of the card. The first card I got was the oddest one. It was the honeybee card and made me think of sweetness, comfort and warmth. The 3 of cups I vaguely remember being 3 frogs jumping around a pond with lotus flowers.

As you might have guessed, they were dream cards and as such I can’t very well display and scans :-p One other thing from my dream though was the distinct feeling that we shared actual space with spirits (wich is a clue I was in the astral) I had a spirit laying out my deck of cards in a spread of 8 cards in 2 rows and he/she/it kept turning around and told me to stay focused on the matter at hand. And for the 5 of cups he asked me what side I wanted up – the lady sorrow or the cups. The bee card I just held close to my heart. My heart could hear them buzzing.


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  1. You have the most vivid dreams – I rarely remember anything more than a snippet or two. I love bees, especially the big black and yellow bumblebees…

  2. I love your posts, as they’re very evocative for me.


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