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Nuit of the oceans

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Voyager Queen of CupsToday after waking up and writing down my dream, before even pulling a card, I watched a sad sad clip from an online news paper of a whaleshark caught in a net. Seeing that amazing creature, dark skinned with stars across its body, like a Nuit of the oceans, made me weep a little. I went to national geographic website and found some more info and images of this largest fish on the planet (that we know of, there might be even more deep down the depths that we have not seen yet)

The card I pulled a few hours later was the Woman of Cups and it felt very right. She is connecting to the world with all her senses in this card, her emotions run deep. I had a talk with one of my neighbors today. The man next door has been gone a week or so partly due to the cold apartment but also cause he just been diagnosed with a new tumor in his brain. A month ago my cousin lost his daughter, just 27 years old. Friends online too are struggling with cancer. It all makes me so utterly sad and scared. My mom is a survivor, she had a radical mastectomy  a few years ago and is still very frail. I wish I could be more then I am, more of a support, a better daughter and friend.


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