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I did skip a day here on the blog. I did pull a card but didn’t really ‘feel’ it so decided to not blog or even journal much. Had a rather interesting dream of being in a russian restaurant sampling a whole menu and finishing off with a large tray of cakes. It was cold and snowy even there, in my dream Russia, but I had warmth of good company and food. May seem very mundane and it was but also very detailed and full of real feelings.

Anyway – fast forward to today. I pick a new deck on saturdays. I did enjoy Voyager but I am not in love with it. If I wanna do a reading I got like 20 others, I would go to before that one. Perhaps the deck really needs classes certificates and some real investment of time (and money) for it to be ‘the One’ and that is not what I am looking for here. Had the booklet been in better condition I would most likely tried to sell or trade it. Now, I get to keep it, perhaps try again next year.

This weeks deck is another curve ball. I will the week after this one get a real challenge by way of AJ (quirkeries) and Bodhiseed (Under a sycamore tree) in the shape of some italian Proverb cards. So this week, with Valentine and all I bring out my True Love Tarot. I got it on a trade-train as an extra trade (think I sent off my Tarot of the Master, the jesus one) perhaps a bad trade if you look at the money, but I really hated that deck and I love the Zerner-Farber deck that is the creators behind True Love Tarot. It is a set with a book, it has pip-minors and is very much geared for relationship readings. Me being a die-hard old spinster will try to make the most of it. Heck, I do one of the love-spells and find a soul-mate! Riiiiight.

First deck interview reading will be up by tonight.

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  1. I haven’t seen this deck before – looking forward to seeing some images. 🙂

  2. The pips on this deck are hopeless. Just pitch them into the trash and for St. Valentine’s week go with the majors. I’ll bet it will work great for that.
    I paid $5.00 for this deck and felt I was taken 🙂 Good luck!!

    • That was actually a good idea, the pips are a lot worse then any TdM, just some random applications.


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