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Settle for less or not at all

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I don’t often see this card as a judging but today I do. I got a prickly temper sometimes and can be quite snappy to people for the tiniest of reasons. So todays card is in part a verdict on my own poor judgment, to send off biting remarks without thinking things through. I got a great family, they know me well and just let it slide when I get mean. I am never mad for long. Today I want to think them for not judging me too harshly.

This is a deck about love and relationships though and I should at least try to learn something about that part of life too. The book says that one should not settle for less but I am just not settling at all, not in a romantic way anyway. I am not picky when it comes to love, I just never pick – at all. It’s like a part of me missing. And it has been missing so long there is not even a scab to pick on, no visible scars. Just me, alone. So I am not settling, I am not settling at all…

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