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Reading the very end of Robert Moss book – Active Dreaming. In there is this passage of us choosing our day. And how not choosing is a choice. My choice is usually that one. Of course I wish I were enlightened and aware and active, but it is a whole lot harder then it sounds for me. If someone asked me what my biggest flaw was, the answer would be my laziness.

Seize the day is a lot easier then first choosing it. But it is true you get out of the events in a day what you put into it. And I put in very little. I have been doing that for a long time now, so long it is second nature – the path of least resistance. Just go with the flow, leave me alone, let me sit here and read tarot and books and not actually doing a thing. Nothing that matters.

I need to start choosing my day. Today I choose to make a commitment to take an active part in my own life.

I really hate this deck, these cards bring out a lot of frustration, not cause they are deep, because I don’t think they are, but because they are so ‘blank’ and it forces me to look deeper at the whole frigging picture and not just the tiny details. I love getting lost in details. Perhaps I am just having a crappy week. Or rather perhaps I chosen to put in really crappy energy into my day and it is kicking my ass.

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  1. I’ve read a couple of Robert Moss books – they have an interesting philosophy. Like you, I often choose the path of least resistance forgetting that not doing anything is also a choice. I can see why you might be finding that deck frustrating. 🙂


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