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Gardening with mom

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No dreams today. I dreamt them but they are not ‘ready’ they are like a complicated cake, they need time to mature before they give the full satisfaction.

Today I picked The Empress. Here I see a mother and daughter in the garden. I love the vivid red colours, the city in the background. Gardening is something I like to do, but I like the little puttering around, planting seeds, care for the sprouts, sort and catalogue them and in the late summer dry the herbs and make teas. My mother likes all the other things, so we make a nice team. She clears out weed, dig around in the dirt, kill bugs and snails. Her nails got sorrow-black edges all the way into october. I think I am her inspiration and she is my hard little worker.

She tried to make me knit and do embroidery but I have no talent for that. But today she gave me some knitted squares left over from making a pillow, that I will use for making a bag for some tarot-deck. I can do things like that. I sometimes wonder if I am a disappointment to her, but I don’t think so. We accept life as it turned out. She never will be a grandmother. Things are what they are. We make things grow together anyway.

This is one of the few photos of us together when I was a child, I guess there were simply no one around to take photos back in the day. She is 19 here. Rocking the kohl like Amy Winehouse never could :-p (click to see it larger)

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  1. That’s a lovely retro piccie of the two of you!


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