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Yoga tarot places the Fool last of the major arcana as he is Samadhi and his state of being is the final objective, the Leap into Freedom. It’s about purity, perhaps of gaining control over your self and then relenting it absolute. The Fool here is pictured as a monkey. Next to humans, monkeys probably has one of the most structured hierarkies in the world. Is a monkey truly ‘free’? It seems they just live in a slightly differently ordered society.

Wikipedia describes Samadhi like this: ‘ Rather than thinking of “nothing,” true samādhi is said to be achieved only when one has pure, unmotivated love of God. Thus samādhi can be entered into through meditation on the personal form of God. Even while performing daily activities a practitioner can strive for full samādhi’

My yoga book also writes about how we can learn yoga from animals, looking how they move and how they are both focused in concentration and attention to the surroundings. Long before I ‘learned’ to meditate I did it freely while walking. It’s all in the purpose. To be fully in the moment, in the body.


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  1. I often feel the Fool as the final Major Arcana is a big secret, and realising it leads to a bit of an ephiphany.

    love the monkey too!

  2. Great! Speaking of synchronicity… I just made a not to myself the other day to read more on Samadhi as i wasn’t sure i remembered what it meant… ha! Thank you!

  3. Great connection made between samadhi and the Fool – the bliss of divine union!


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