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Death and the inevitability of it all

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I didn’t blog yesterday cause of illness. First just feeling weird to quitting my sleep-meds but then also outbreak of a nausea and stomach flue.

I did take a card – Death. Showing the Goddess Kali in her dance with skulls and swords. The LWB tells us that she is the destroyer of Ego (and so much more) She opens up for change much like the Tower but in a more final way. Change is often terrible. Yet sometimes yearned for. I don’t fear death myself, but I fear losing others. Death is always more terrible for those not visited. What change do I fear? What changes do I embrace? Meditating on Death can open my heart to Life. Our view on death and dead bodies have changed so much the last 100 years. My grandmother has dead children in an old photo album. They looked like nicely dressed children, just sleeping. All white and lace. In horror films the scariest thing is the sight of a dead body. But we used to care for them ourselves, we washed them and dressed them fine. We watched them and talked to them, prayed for them, remembered them.

This is all a bit morbid, but Death is a sure thing.  Closing this post with a beautiful song by Laleh. Some die young.

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  1. uh, i wouldn’t necessarily say look this up unless you have a strong stomach because its even more intense/morbid, but since learning of them, i’ve found the concept of tibetan sky funerals conceptually beautiful/appealing…

    • lol I just were!! But it was a bit too much to post the youtube clip I found :-p
      Also found a Death meditation that was a bit too morbid.

  2. Change scares the hell out of me most days. But looking back with hindsight, most big changes resulted in good things.
    As far as actual death, I think I would prefer the Tibetan sky funeral to being “preserved” and put in an expensive box that was to be buried. We Westerners are so strange…

    • that’s how i feel exactly! why waste wood and stone and who knows how much money not to mention actual EARTH space, to have my body rot, when it could nourish other living creatures. i would love to know that even in my death, my body is useful to something someone (which is also why i am a registered organ donor on my ID and have plans to look into how one might go about donating body to science or something like that..)


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