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This week I am using the Italian Proverbs. It is not really a tarot, but rather ‘educational’ illustrations with proverbs on them. I will try to translate the Italian as good as I can with google and common sense 😀 Oh and this deck is the round-robin deck of the Weekly deck group on the tarotforum. So when I had them they will leave for someone else. Right now I gotta say I love the fancy packaging, reminds me of how the first edition Tarot of Prague was packed, in a book-like cover tied together with a string. The cards are rather large, almost square and printed on creamy thick stock with no lamination at all, which makes me nervous to drink tea around them…

The first card I picked was showing two men and a row of bricks tumbling over in a dominoes effect. The proverbs here says: ‘A single stone will tip over a wagon’ And down below is written something like this: ‘Caution at every step is the lesson, I despise even the slightest peril, a small stone felled the giant Goliath.’

And yeah so true, but also – a little kindness can change your whole day. Today I chose kindness and hope it will have the dominoe effect of a stone. Pass it on! I can be a bit whiny but that is an attitude that multiplies, if I make an effort of just being nice, help out where I can and do so with joy, I am pretty sure it will be more fun for all parties.

This week I am also ‘training’ a pendulum I got from AJ. I learned how to use one as a kid, my mom used to tell gender of the babies for her pregnant friends and she was correct all the time, as I recall it anyway. The way she did it was to tell the pendulum to circle in a ring if it was a girl and go back and forth in a straight line for a boy. What I do is slightly different, I use clockwise circles for yes and counter-clockwise for no, I really don’t have a bunch of pregnant friends to pendle over to be honest.

Oh here is the pendulum. Beautiful rose quarts. It is my first one! I mean the first that is an actual pendulum since I am used to just thread a ring on a string. Here it is laying on top of the proverbs cover, don’t you just LOVE that marbled paper?

My first question for the pendulum is if it can find my missing silver ring with a large amber. It is quite discouraging though. The pendulum replies that the ring is not in the house, that someone has taken it. But I can’t see more then that. I suspect it was taken at the hospital when I had my gall-bladder removed but it is just dead in my hand when I ask about that. Oh well, I could buy a new one, just that ring was special to me, the first piece of jewelry I picked out myself and bought for my own money. I hope whoever has it now loves it as much as I did.


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  1. Beautiful illustration!

    I was also using a ring on a thread before… i think most do here 😉 Great stone too!

  2. IL Meneghello’s decks are all packaged beautifully and because they are all reproductions of the antique decks they do not have any lamination and they have square corners. I had one of the tarot decks and yes it was beautiful, but for using I hated the cardstock and corners, like goofing off with a sharp brick 🙂
    Fortunately the proverbi are larger with fewer cards so shuffling is aided.
    Enjoy, I’m looking forward to seeing if anyone steps up to the plate next 🙂

  3. Lovely pendulum, Jema. I have a couple of wooden ones which I enjoy using although one of them does not answer questions – when I try it refuses to move – instead it prefers to be used a diagnostic tool.

  4. Congratulations on your first pendulum! It’s very pretty. Enjoy exploring its many uses! It’s funny you should mention a silver ring with a large piece of amber. I happen to be wearing a ring just like that this morning. God only knows why I decided to wear it before even getting dressed but it felt right. I got mine when I was about 20 and working in a jewellery shop in the Old Town in Stockholm. We used to sell a lot of amber to tourists in the summers. I bought a matching pendant too (most of my salary was spent on jewellery!) but sadly that’s missing. I do hope your ring makes its way back to you. I sometimes misplace stuff to find it a year or too later – especially crystals seem to disappear and reappear like that in my life.

  5. Enjoyed your first draw with the Italian Proverbs. And what a great message! You never know when a smile or kind word (or alternately a sneer or a snarky remark) can change someone’s day. 🙂

  6. I’ve never really been able to use a pendulum…I don’t think they like me!


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