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He who takes the eel by the tail and a woman by her word will be empty-handed. Looks here like the beautiful lady caused him to lose  his grip on that slippery eel. Of course everyone knows that a womans word is slippery too, nothing to count on… Well, that is how it is in the world of proverbs, written by men, spoken by men. I am surprised really that they also pictured so many virtues as females. Justice and fortune, prudence, the fates,  all women. I guess the only women you can count on are mythological ones :-p

Today we have spring weather here and the streets are slippery too, not just the eels and the women… I’ll stay in with a pack of new novels and plenty of tea with a slightly failed fruitcake. (actually the darn cake is slippery too, too moist and mushy)


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  1. Love the artwork! Which deck it was, Jema?


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