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“I rather ride an ass, which I lead, than a horse, that will throw me to the ground” There is a bit of finger-pointing going on here and I can just imagine how the man on the ass is snickering at the one being thrown on his ass into the ground. This is my last day with the Italian Proverbs and I gone through all the cards, trying to picture myself how the world was back then. That horse was the fastest means of transportation available to man. No news traveled faster then the legs of a stallion. Everyone you met was just like you, same race, same language, most likely same status and same religion as you. A fast horse was that periods SUV with GPS.

Looking at these proverbs I see that it is encouraged to take religion with a pinch of salt though, women with a bucket-full of salt and the best way of life is to listen much, see much and talk very little. Live a slow and quite life and you will keep it a long time. But in the end, I imagine these people being rather like us in many ways, they grow up, fall in love, work hard, grow old and die just like us. But they did so in a world where famous people were famous for actually doing something, like discovering a new star, sailing to strange countries and bringing back coffee, by inventing things of creating things of beauty – not by being on Big Brother or having boob-jobs.

I am sending these cards off to another member of the Weekly Deck Group on monday. You can keep an eye out for them over here: 78 Mirrors


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  1. Ohh, we have a similar expression – “Better a sparrow in the hand than a pigeon on the branch” (btw, i think more precise translation of “che mi porti” would be – which carries me ;).
    Good one!

    • thanks! i just used the google translate and tried to piece together something resembling english from the jibberish I got lol.

  2. Great job with the cards Jema, and a interesting eye view of the 1600’s.

    • Hi Sharyn, just so glad I got to use them a week, I really enjoyed them a lot. And I learnt about Medlars 😀


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