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Tarot of Prague

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This weeks deck is an old favorite of mine. Tarot of Prague copyright Karen Mahoney and Alex Ukolov 2005. It is out of print and hard to find so I am very happy I got my set when I did. Well, I got ALL Magic Realist Press decks. I do believe this first one they ever made is my favorite though. I like the chunky woodblocks, the grand statues, the city-scapes… It also feels like a perfect deck for March, when the light returns and the first stirrings of spring.

Yes, I bought new plants to keep my ‘devotional’ collection company. (that is all the tiny figurines) As you can see we still got quite a bit of snow, but the sun is out and melting it off fast, all day I heard large chunks of snow falling off the roof.


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  1. your windowscape is a promise of spring, very nice!

  2. lovely plants indeed :]

  3. I have been using this deck with love. It is new to my collection but I love it all the same!


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