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Surveying my domain

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Tarot of Prague3 of wands. I see a man in workers outfit, leaning on his ox, holding two wands, the third placed behind the ox. He looks apprehensive, he is not resting, just surveying the area. Perhaps he is measuring out his fields against his neighbors claims. Above him, in a different light, lofty, sits several richly dressed men with tools to measure out the globe. Perhaps dividing it up between them. The man and his ox are the one having to live with whatever decision they make.

Now that was my story, the book tells a different one, both are of course valid. In the book it says that the men around the globe might be adventurers, planning a journey of discovery, and the man leaning on his ox are surveying his domain. Both stories are about getting the large picture, looking over what you have and where you need to go now.

On the smaller jema-personal scale this card urges me to survey my own domain, see to my house, what needs to be done? And then go to my landlord and negotiate with him on how to make it happen. Unless I take the first step, it will never get done.I might step on a few toes on the way but this is where I live! I need it fixed – now!

Image from Tarot of Prague, copyright Magic Realist Press.

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  1. I love this card, yet what i get from it – except the ‘need it fixed – now’ vibe as you rightly put it – is the waiting period, lets say, three days from now… in my experience, things tend to sort out themselves when this card comes out 😉

    Btw, i also have my ToP handy (and the book too!) can’t get enough of it! So glad i found a ToP-buddy ❤

    • yeah it’s a great deck, i got it as a gift from Karen and Alex for helping out with the BBC and it was love at first sight, I actually prefer this one to any of their decks. The art is not too polished, a bit rough around the edges, but it got that ‘feel’ and that is what matters.


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