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March storms and feeling drained

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These cards should have been posted yesterday but I was too drained to do much of anything but whine and feeling to tired to open my mouth or type. Right now even going out is an adventure, the streets are looking like a ice-skating racing track and wind is hard, with an umbrella I could be blown to the Botten viken (botnian bay) just a few streets to the east of here.

Many people suffering from SAD are actually feeling worse in the spring when the light is returning. I don’t think I am particularly SAD, in any way, just a bit out of sorts. There is this immense vibrant Energy current on the way and it can just overload the whole system.

Todays card from the Aum tarot is the 8 of pentacles. I first thought a lot of the minors in this deck looked a little bland, not so this one! In the book the text on the minors is just a few lines. She writes for the eights that they stand for ‘a pensive standstill, a reshuffle‘ I thought  that was an interesting remark and it made me rethink my view of the eights. I always seen the fives as the chance for reshuffling and the eights as rather set in the pattern. Also the words don’t seem to mix with the image or even with each other, how is something both stand-still and a re-shuffle? Her specific words in that book for 8 of pentacles are just as cryptic: ‘Afterthought, learning anew‘ And that is all we are given, that and this vivid image of a green leaf growing up into the purple sky with eight red leaves coming off it and crowned by a moon crescent. On each red leaf a four-petal flower, like a turning wheel. The plant firmly rooted in the soil. This is such a strong and energetic image so the books phrases seem anemic.

I’ll post the Pages of Shustah a little later. I do wanna mention this book I just finished though. Portable Magic by Donald Tyson. I found a recommendation for it on the AT forums and picked it up cheap off Amazon and spent about 2 weeks reading it, a chapter at a time, trying out the ritual lay-outs. I don’t agree with all his premises such as how the human mind works and his attributions of the trumps to the zodiac and the Tree of Life etc. But I enjoyed the basic ritual setting, the chapter on creating a temporary tarot charm and how to evoke an elemental. The book does require you to have some basic experience with tarot, working in the astral and a little bit more astrology then I have (I did struggle with those the zodiac signs especially)

I really need to get a good basic book on Astrology soon.

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  1. I love this version of the 8 of Pents! It’s so vibrant.

    The book sounds like it’s describing a different card.

    • Yeah, it’s like she got tired after writing about the majors and just closed the book with giving minors 2 words each. I think the cards look very Thoth-y yet in the book she writes about that repugnant satanist Crowley lol

  2. That is a lovely card – very Thoth-like!
    The book comment definitely seems a bit bizarre though.

  3. I was just looking at this, when you posted on the train thread. 🙂


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