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Dancing on the inside

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The Universe is described in the book to the Aum tarot as a journey of self to Self. Man as a stair between earth and the sky. This card is when you speak in terms of the Tree of Life connecting Malkuth – our physical world – with Yesod the moon and the astral world of dreams. Usually this is a dancing hermaphrodite but here we see him/her dancing only on the inside, much like me today 😀

The five stars to the right is for the 5 elements but today they make me think of Jupiter and Venus, briefly meeting in the  sky. Someone on Facebook had posted this amazing photo of the two stars side by side above a split naked tree.

Today’s Pages of Shustah actually gave me a Page! The playing Page even, playing with a swirling twirling thread, the shapes recurring again in the vine beside the Chalice and in the swirls, like crop circles in the labyrinth card. A day of movement and dancing on the inside.

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