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Ice and sky

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Today has been such an amazing spring day, ice melting, water rushing, sun shining, wind blowing hard. There were ripples in the puddles in the street from the strong winds. Oh and I love the sound of gravel crunching under my shoes again on the bare patches in the road.

I already packed away the Aum tarot, I feel ready for something new. But today been a no-tarot day. I need those days too. I did pull two Shustah cards. I got the Yellow Witch-hazle and the Sacred Mushroom. No idea why the book insist it is sacred, of course in a way all living things are. But looking at this – it looks like something that might be poisonous really. The frogs under it don’t mind though. Today these cards make me think about the living world around me and the pleasure it brings. Nisaba reminded me about how good raspberry leaves are for cramps, and lucky me – I got some of it!

I do realize my blog might not be terribly interesting if you come here for tarot-readings and such. But there are so MANY blogs like that 😀 I can never do it as well as they do it anyway – so I do it my way.

Oh and you need to listen to this song and watch the amazing aurora photos.


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  1. I’ve enjoyed all our decks this week, thank you for sharing yours.
    And other peoples readings make my brain go zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz 🙂

    Although the one on Mi-Shells blog today make me cry, for a number of reasons. Made me angry for a number of reasons too, none of them my business of course…
    But I only read it because it looked short…other wise my brain would have went to sleep and my finger would have clicked the back button.

  2. Witch hazel is an herb used for drying things up or shrinking them (which might be good with the snow and ice in your pictures!). I think the sacred mushroom is a hallucinogenic that shamans have used (seems like Mi-shell wrote something about them in the Greenwood study group). Should I tell you that it has been 85 degrees F here today? 🙂

  3. I usually don’t read other people’s readings, unless they’re short. But I love seeing cards and reading comments about them, or about what they remind you of. I also loved raspberry tea — I don’t need it for cramps any more, but maybe it’s still good for women who’ve stopped bleeding — I will have to look that up!

    I loved the song and the aurora borealis photos, thank you for that 🙂


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