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Making it happen or letting it happen?

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Though I felt like a tarot burn-out the last few days I decided to try out the weirdest deck in my whole collection for the coming week. The Enochian Tarot by Gerald and Betty Schueler, painted by Sallie Ann Glassman in the late 80:ies.

I can’t even remember how and when I got this set but it is one I keep all by itself, away from all other decks, to only pick out when my curiosity grows too strong. It is such an odd set, hardly even tarot in the sense we normally view tarot. It has 30 majors and 56 minors divided in 4 suits of the 4 elements but all depicting angels. Or something, I am still unsure of just what this all means. Some of the cards are frankly creepy, like The Vault on the photo to the left.

As a ‘get to know you’ exercise I decided to simply look at the pictures, read the titles and worry about the book later. They read surprisingly well! Glassmans paintings are evoking a lot of emotions.

I pulled this card last night and felt immediately drawn to it. I sat with it in the sofa, sipping tea and thinking. Imagining I was there, watching down on this scene. What is it I am seeing? A large whirlpool in the otherwise still deep blue ocean. Around the edge are figures swimming in synchronicity. Are they creating the whirlpool or struggling against it? I think they are causing it. Creating change, causing a pull down-wards. Working together to create change in harmony with their will. Magick happening.  Water is so pliable too. As is our emotions, we can barely contain them. They run deep but unless we stir it up – we become stagnant.

Checking my thoughts against the LWB: ‘Meaning: Motion, flux, creative action, luxury’ Not so sure I get the luxury bit though.

I think I am gonna try one of the spreads in the book later this week. Reading it first intuitively and then with the book.


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  1. Luxury; having the time, or clawing out the time more likely, to see the things that have meaning? Well done. This is a deck I’ve never had, I think because it often has Scrying in the title and I don’t have the interest in even trying that.


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