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I was feeling pretty good when the cat woke me up before 5am. I have this thing I do when he does that, I do an ‘intense-cuddling’ until he is fed up and then he go off to straighten his mushed up fur and let me sleep a little longer. I love living alone with just Charlie. So much cuteness and love for very little fuss.

Todays card from the Enochian Tarot is nr 46 HABIORO The First senior of Air. He looks like a suitor! Blond, with small wings and a short unassuming tunic. He is as down to earth as you can be when you are an angel and a senior of air and all that. Open smiling face. Holding a wand looking very phallic in one hand and in the other a red rose to his heart. He is taking a step towards me, but do I feel up to receiving  that red rose? What if Love with Capital L knocked on the door? I got a feeling I would slam the door in that smiling face.I am too set in my ways, too comfortable to all of a sudden share my space and time and energy with someone else. To adjust to another body and another mind. That takes a lot of work! It is funny looking at this photo of this mornings card and my cup of tea and the cute little tin with the brand new Melissa Lenormand that just arrived earlier, that on my journal in the background, in  bold letters of a cut up sticker is ‘Go beyond comfort’. I guess I need to work on that.

Oh and as a bonus here are the Melissa cards. So pretty!

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  1. I love these photos, they look so warm and cosy 🙂

  2. Yay!! The Melissa Lenormand is on its way to me, too. Looks so lovely in your photo!


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