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I got a bit overwhelmed by my mailman today. 3 packages arrived. My Kindle has stolen most of my time today, been filling it up with books and been reading some on it too. (I am in the middle of Wizard and glass by S. King) But I also cheated a little with the gorgeous Mary-El tarot, I just could not help myself. Other decks are Crystal Vision and a Jean Dodal TdM.

But back to the deck of the week – Enochian. I pulled another ‘suitor’ was my first thought. 61 Saiinov – Second Senior of Water. He is quite dark but not intimidation, stands with his feet in the water, hold out a glowing stone in his open palm and a bejeweled cup in his other, hold to his heart. They are shimmering and glowing with tendrils of light. In the background is like a snake of steam (water and fire) coiling all around him and connecting to his head.

The books says that the stone in his hand is a moonstone and that ‘The cup holds the wine on clairvoyance’ His keywords are Safe Haven, romance, help, prophecy come true so he is linked to Divination – a gift I gladly accept from todays enochian ‘suitor’ 😀


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