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Don’t you just love it when the days get longer, and warmer! Somehow the Enochian tarot is feeling too cool for me this late in the week so this is my last draw with it – for now. It is a nice enough deck but I never did bother to get immersed into the Enochian world of angels and watch towers, I just looked at the pictures.

This last card is nr 3. ZOM – The Magus. All is One, he is connected to the spirits/guides/illusions, perhaps he is both creating and destroying them with his staff and blade. That dagger will cut through the confusing and warbled images that his staff summoned. His mind will sort through it all and pick the straight truth. His key-words (wards) is Creativity, control and mastery.

Starting today I think I will be mainly using Mary-El and I might just keep using it a bit longer then one short week. It is such a full-blooded deck, it will keep my attention some time.

Other things that keep my attention right now is my new Kindle. Right this minute I am reading the ‘Wolves of the Calla’ by Stephen King, part is The Dark Tower. Just finished the ‘Wizard and Glass’ and loved it. Also busy with some spring cleaning and today I am making Delicious Dinner: Chicken and red peppers and sugar-snaps in coco-milk with Tom Kha spices with rice.

Where the Real magic happens – the kitchen 😀 Before I go, a quote from ‘Wolves of the Calla’

 Time, Eddie had decided during this period, was in large part created by external events. When a lot of interesting shit was happening, time seemed to go by fast. If you got stuck with nothing but the usual boring shit, it slowed down. And when everything stopped happening, time apparently quit altogether. Just packed up and went to Coney Island. Weird but true.

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  1. What a peaceful place your kitchen table by the window seems to be – lovely! Great quote about time too!


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