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My first thought when I pulled this card was that I suddenly felt thirsty. So off I went to get some coffee. And then when I finally decided that perhaps I should take a picture and blog a little today it hit me that this card could have been sponsored by Pepsi!

If the fiery lion is lust – then this prim lady in the hat is trying her best to put a damper on it. Sublimation as my friend Patrik would have said. This card looks more like Temperance then Temperance looks like Temperance. I try to see it the other way around though, that the fire is not being tempered – but drawn upon, not dampened but conjured. I had a rather wild dream last night about 6 babies and de-frosting hockey rinks and living on a train and I won’t bore you all with the details, but to sum it up, it was really all about my need to find new ways to express myself and to harness my creative flame. Water on Fire creates a good deal of steam and I am like a choo-choo-train – steaming full ahead now!  I am brimming with ideas and inspiration for the future.

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