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They are being busy telling each other tales, enjoying the warm fire, something to drink and starry night. They got their swords, no need to concern them selves over others stuff, right? Yet they are set to guard. As we all should be set to keep an eye out for each other.

I am reminded today of some pretty gruesome stories in media, about gang-rape, abuse, violence. And always someone saying: I didn’t do it, wasn’t me, I wasn’t watching, I didn’t see a thing. If we don’t keep vigil over each others rights – we will soon lose our own.


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  1. Here in the US I hear people say they don’t want to be a “snitch.” Yea right, until it happens to THEM and they’re screaming for justice. Great interpretation of this card my friend!

  2. Beautiful card and lovely interpretation! You are enabling me on this deck 😛

    • It is a wonderful deck, I love it more then I ever expected, just instant connection 😀
      Do get it if you can, cheap on
      i am getting the book for it in a few days myself


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