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Me and my mother got a complex relationship, but don’t we all? The other day she came over for coffee and a chat though and we really connected and could touch even on those painful spots we so often do anything to avoid. I got to say that I love her and respect her and that I forgiven and moved on. As I said it I could feel myself heal and I think she did too. It was a good talk. She is not a perfect mom, whatever that is, just as I am no perfect daughter. But we are enough.

This morning I was sick and feverish due to an infected tooth (going to the dentist monday) and still in bed when she came by with a bunch of cream-coloured roses. It sure made this day change direction. I got up from bed, put on coffee, started preparing dinner, opened the balcony door, got properly dressed and tuned in the World. I got a feeling if she didn’t bring me those roses, I would still lie in bed and feel sorry for myself. Thanks Mom!

Today’s card don’t need a tarot professional to read. It’s MOM! In her best aspect and also me in my best. Calm and beautiful, offering/receiving a cup filled with water from the heart. I also pulled 3 cards from Melissa Lenormand – second edition. And at least the last two are clear as day. Flowers + Lady. Not too sure on the Fish yet. I try to not read Lenormand as Tarot cause then I would focus on the stamps and the ‘gift’ aspect of that image.

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  1. ShivendraOm

    Fish = Water a lovely connection with cups 🙂


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