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Picked out a new deck for this following week and the random generator gave me the DaVinci enigma tarot by Caitlin Matthews (and the man himself of course – Leonardo DaVinci) I had this deck some years now but it is very different from anything else I got so I have been hesitating to use it.

Most cards are renamed, all images are from DaVincis sketches. The book is really good but for simplicity I will only use a tiny part of it – the Destiny-spread where you actually use the backs of the cards to form the outlay, and the Dimmi-questions. According to the book DaVinci would pencil in the margins of his notes the word ‘Dimmi’ when he changed the pencil, it means ‘Tell me’ as a way to coax out of the pencil a bright new idea or revelation. Much of how I usually read the cards is by asking myself questions so this is I think, a good way for me to get a handle on these cards.

First here is the backs and how I managed to fit together some of the cards. I then flipped them over and just read the Dimmi from the book and from that wrote in my journal. Too much to really share here but let me tell you this is a REALLY great way, some of the dis-connected cards, ones not fitting in any pattern and therefore seen as a stumbling block, a resistance, was like a slap in the face and just a tad bit too personal and tender to write about here and now.


The first pattern I got was a Dodekaeder with stands for Spirit and getting the Whole picture. V Översteprästen=Hierophant + 8 Fire. Dimmi asks me to see how I can make a bridge between the Microcosmos of everyday life, the small stuff, and the Macrocosmos – the Spiritual truths. 8 of Fire shows a ballista that stayed on the paper, an idea never realised and it therefore asks me how my aim is.

Altogether the Dimmi in my mind here is if perhaps my fire-arrows are not falling to the ground before hitting their target, is my energy being spent on being the arm-chair magician and not the Real Deal.

The next pair is connected by the Oktaeder and it is about Air and the Intellect.

X Tiden (time) =Wheel of Fortune + Herre i Eld=King of Wands. The king here is reversed. The Dimmi asks me what possibilities I am offered at this time in my life. The king – even reversed, ask of me how I can use my courage.

Looking at the Tiden card I right away identify with the old man looking at the young man. The wasted life looking at the possibilities, like a warning. The king reversed is a warning against the extremes though, to temper my own judgement of myself. That is my challenge – to open my eyes and see the whole picture and to not think of everything as an ending.


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  1. I love this deck. St. Martin’s Press is to be credited for publishing outside the box decks.


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