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Chubby baby sweetness

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Todays card from the DaVinci Enigma tarot is 7 of Air and the keyword – roughly translated to english is Action. The text in the book is a bit murky to be honest but the Dimmi is straight forward as usual. It asks of me What action I need to do.

The image is of adorable baby chubbiness, little foot, tiny toes, cuddly little arms. The babies bodys cuddlieness has as it’s sole purpose to store fat for growth but a side-effect is of course that simply adorable little body that makes you wanna blow raspberries on the tummy. The cuteness of babies is of course important in forming the desire of the mother to nurture it. So all that chubby sweetness is actually useful. Not so in adults though. But I am not gonna go on and on here about my struggle with body-image, I save that for another day.

Today my chosen action is to bake sweet little macarones, flavoured with pistachio, dyed with green food colouring. They are utterly useless but oh so sweet.

Ok here is the card a little closer, oh and if you want to see larger photos, just click them.

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