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Tarot of Transformation

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Just a short post to show off the latest addition to the collection: Tarot of Transformation made by  J L Cori & Willow Arlenea . I do have the Transformational tarot since before (be Arnell Ando) but this one is quite different.

First impressions: Large cards that are very purple. Pretty art, kinda flowy and very feminine. New titles to many majors. A real lack of male figures. Very flimsy cardstock. Book looks good though, will read it when I pull this as weekly deck. (the book even smells good)

This set is a clear result of me getting into an e-bay frenzy. It is not something I ever had on my wishlist, while it is pretty enough it seems a bit too feminine. I place it in the same category as Shadowscapes and Crystal Vision. Frilly decks I might use for deck of the week but wouldn’t really pick up for a reading

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  1. art-wise, its a deck i might consider but…the size kills it for me lol.

    • Yeah, it is a bit hard on my hands, especially since the cards are not only very wide but also very very thin.

      • Looks like it might be a candidate for trimming, those borders are really thick! If you cared enough, I suppose! Can’t tell where I’d fall on this one. Love Shadowscapes, very meh on Crystal Visions. I will try not to fall into an ebay frenzy on this one, haha, but I am quite susceptible to them!

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