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A tarot myth

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While there are lots of myths around the creation of the tarot already, why not make your own?

Once upon a time there was an enormous library, not like the one in Alexandria, but a library of Dreams. This is where dreamers came to live inside their dreamworlds and when the dreamers woke up, the dreams gently settled into the library shelves again, ready for the next dream.

One day there was a fire in the library of dreams and all active dreamers came running to try and save their special and most precious dreams from the flames.

But they had to leave with just a few fragments of them in their cupped hands, they returned to their bodies and the library was just a black exoskeleton like shell of a library.
Instead all the dreamers had just a small collection of private dreams, there was no exchange, no learning from each others dreams, in fact after a while it was as if dreams were not very important at all.
But a few of the dream-slivers they brought back with them crept out and inked themselves on paper.
The images on the papers began to spread out and met the dreamers again and a connection began to grow, the dreamers recognized their lost dreams, and not just their own run-aways but also those from when the big dream library was the hub of all dreamwork.
Many of them started to work with these images again and collected them in a deck of 78 cards, for the 78 dreams that escaped the fire.




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  1. thats a lovely story :]

  2. Beautifully said, thank you for sharing.


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