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Heart’s desire

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Last card from DaVinci Enigma for this time. This card is for yesterday but then I got too caught up in posting my own Tarot Myth and the day was spent worrying that perhaps I shouldn’t have posted it after all for suddenly it sounded so silly when I read it and my mind raced in a hundred different directions with plans and what-to-do lists… I feel out of breath just thinking about it.

Looking at this card what strikes me first is the man looking like he is crawling with a contraption on his back. The key-word “Flying’ gives away what this is, a one man cockpit! I scribbled down ‘A man must learn to crawl before he learns to fly’ on a little piece of paper. DaVinci was obsessed with flying, his notes are brimming with models of wings, propellers, birds…

The second thing I see is of course the mirrored text. DaVinci is famous for being able to write mirrored. It just shows how his brain was wired in a totally different way. I heard someone say that if he were alive today he would be classed as being autistic.

Anyway, the Dimmi for this card is: What does your heart desire? I don’t know, is my reply right now. I think I just want to HAVE a desire. My heart desire something to burn for – anything! Perhaps just this: To live each moment inside the Joy of simply living. To find the calm center.


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  1. I too believe there is a dream library, it is the repository of all wisdom and creativity, do not be afraid you have written something that might threaten its safety. I also believe I have met one of the keeper of the books. I believe the key to its inner sanctum is belief and also its security, since it is only through belief that the inner door may open.

  2. Da Vinci was such a genius in so many areas! I would love to have Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak, be able to go back in time, and observe him for a week. I can’t even imagine being able to mirror write like he does without taking an hour to do one sentence. I love your interpretation – “A man must learn to crawl before he learns to fly” – of this one. 🙂


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