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A few Magicians

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Just showing off a small collection of Magicians. They are all quite different. If there is a ‘theme’ here it is how they open their arms and show their hearts.

Only a few stand in that typical Magician-stance, with one arm pointing up to the sky and the other down to earth.

Most of them are wearing a red cape or robe, the colour of Passion. Most of them are male, but I see that more as an aspect of them being Yang, an active out-reaching force. Clearly a whole lot of them could be any gender.

Ok so here are my top 3 and they surprised me! It took me a long time to pick just these. If I were to do it again next week I might switch out one or two.

The first one is the Magician from the Tarot of Prague by Alex Ukolov and Karen Mahony. This is a handsome Magician with all the thing I want to see in the card, traditional pose, red robe,  the table with the tools, and then in the background we see Mercury with his caduceus wand. Also reading the book for the deck we learn that the statue in this card is of Jan Neruda, a poet and author.

The middle card is from the Sheridan-Douglas tarot and is based on the early Tarot de Marseille decks. It is simple, primal colours but effective. We get all we need to know from just this basic pattern.

The last card is the odd one really. It is from Tarot of the Old path and show us the way of the Shaman. This is a new deck for me but this card really called out to me, the shaman looks wild, like he is about to transform into a beast any moment, or maybe he just turned back and is now using the rune stones to divine about the experience.


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  1. I mist say. I love the hair on the Sheridan-Douglas magician!

  2. Nice group of Magicians! I would have a hard time picking my favorite, but if I based it on raw, lusty looks I’d probably choose the Hezicos. 🙂

  3. Nice picks!

    Omg, Tarot of Prague lust is at an all time high. What a fabulous Magician.


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