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Soggy Bottom

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Woke up around 5 to let the cat out and then couldn’t go back to sleep so pulled out my Crystal Visions tarot for a daily card. This time it was King of Swords. First I thought the patches in the snow were dead birds but it is just a bit of the mountain showing through the snow. What strikes me when I look at this image is the little ‘mom-voice’ inside me that whines that ‘don’t sit on the ground like that, you’ll get soggy bottoms and urinary tract infections’  One would think a King of Swords (master of intellect) would know better really.

As for myself I got my panties in a twist when I found out the book I pre-ordered from in April now won’t be here until mid june. But if I cancel the order and do a new one it will take 10 days. So I cancelled and went to the Book Depository instead, they ship in 48 hours. Cheaper even. But of course I had to send a scathing email to customer support that I guess will just come off slightly hysterical.

I should learn to not send mails before I had my morning coffee.  Still not a fan of this deck by the way. Can’t WAIT until saturday when I switch. Closing with the Soggy Bottom Boys.

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