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Falconeering on my fields with a fair maiden.

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That is just the thing for a stressed soul. Usually 8 of Wands is about connections, messages, speed. Here is it more about recharging the batteries with some time outdoors. Now falcons are a bit short in stock these days so I chose my second best option, a little gardening.

This is just what the doctor ordered. I know I will feel so much better for spending a day outside in the sun (and wind) but yet I act as if it is going to kill me. I drag on, reluctant to put on my shoes and jacket. Finding excuses to just stay in and putter around. But once I break my own laziness down and just DO it I feel so much better. I return home with a little skip in my step. Rosy cheeks, tousled hair, cat in tow. Now I didn’t get much gardening done but the wind swept through me and I feel brand new.

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  1. Cold, rainy and windy here… People are almost running to get in out of it. Glad you feel refreshed! That’s a nice deck you’re using this week and not one I’m familiar with so I look forward to seeing more…

  2. 8 of wands for me also today, but very different.
    Glad you have time and opportunity to let the wind blow through your mind and heart.


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