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The gift of right now

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Today I pulled 6 of coins from the Dame Fortune’s Wheel tarot. 6 coins circle the new moon, below among green hills stands a woman holding a staff, a lamp and a bell. Beside her a stork holding a pearl in his foot. In Rider-Waite decks this is the card of giving, but here the gift is the Present as in the Now. The moment right infront of us. This is with Paul Huson says about this card:

The crane holding the stone in its claw was a recognized sixteenth century allegorical emblem of attention; the
woman carrying a lamp and rod while ringing a bell, of vigilance. Many modern cartomancers interpret this
card as “a present” as in “gift,” although the original divinatory interpretation is “the present moment,” as in
“do it right now!”

I wonder when and how it was changed into the meaning we most often see today, that of charity. Still, one of the most precious gifts we can give is our time and our attention.

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