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It is such a dreary day today, cold and rainy and gray. Good day for candles, tea and just playing around. I really like this deck I am using this week. It has a really fresh perspective on a lot of the cards. Showing here a few of my favorite ones. I love the TdM inspired classical Majors, such as the moon with the two towers, the dogs and the crayfish and the moon sweating drops of inspiration. The clumpsy looking, almost absract Devil with a mask covering his groin and with big bird feet. The Star is kneeling as she should but is pouring water on a dolphin and she is really a he!

7 of cups is not a confusion of choices to be made, it is an astrologer showing us the very idea of Universe – as above so below. The couple in 5 of coins may wear rags and be poor but are rich in love and passion. The 10 of cups shows us a city walled in like the city is a cup itself. The 2 batons is not at all excited or contemplating his domain, he is bored out of his skull with itchy feet almost taking a walk without him.

Now I gotta close here cause my cat wants attention, he is restless but don’t want to go outside in the rain so he demands some playtime.

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