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I recently won this set on ebay. It is out of print so I was happy to find it. The Mythic Tarot made in 1986.  Click the image to see it larger. There is also a new mythic out there but by a different artist and not really what I want at all. Right now I am reading through the book from cover to cover to refresh my greek mythology. I used to know all these stories but forgot a lot.

There is a site for this deck here. Mythic Tarot
I pulled this card as my first card from the deck today. Pan first made me think of the word the greek prefix pan meaning involving everyone and everything. we may stick him in a cave but he is all encompassing which means impossible to escape. Just as panic is such an overwhelming feeling, one we cannot choke down but is ruled by.

I like a lot of the points made about Pan in the book, that his grip on people are not by force but by either fear or lust. He touches on the parts of us that we are feeling ashamed of but that in reality is just natural. Not good or evil, just IS. We can try to hide it, or poke it or flaunt it or ignore it but it is Pan – everywhere.


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  1. Oh I’m so glad you found the original one (I like the artwork much better)! I like the point you made about the “pan” prefix – good insight into this card. 🙂


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