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Another day another card. The Hanged Man from Mythic Tarot. Sitting on my balcony, enjoying the warm sun and a cup of coffee while thinking about Prometheus, the titan that stole some of the fire from the hearth of Hephistos and gave to man. As punishment Zeus ordered him chained to a rock and a bird picked at his liver each day. The story in the book also mentions a flood and the building of an ark. The flood lasting 9 days, as long as Odin was hung in the tree to gain the runes. Interesting to see all the myths coming together in slightly different ways over many cultures and ages.

I am Swedish so my heart is close to the Norse myths, but I love the Greek myths too. I grew up with relatives in a christian cult so I am also aware of those myths. I learnt to read with 1001 nights and the fables of Aesophus (unsure of the spelling here since the name is different in English and Swedish)

ps, totally unrelated but a funny coincident – first of June I am going on the premiere of the movie Prometehus


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  1. Interesting that the liver is one organ we can regrow…


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