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Some die young

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The above in the title of a pretty great song by Laleh, but also todays sad lesson. I learnt that a friend I used to play a game with just died, in her sleep, age 33. Rest in Peace Marianne, you will be missed. She was one of the most stunning girls I ever seen yet never flaunted it, she loved herself, but unlike Narcissus here she wasn’t in love with her own image.

Back to the image at hand. The intent gaze of Narcissus into that cup, it is like he is trying to see what is under the surface. My first thought was that it looked like he was scrying. Perhaps there is a lesson in that too, that too much introvert soul-searching, star gazing, astrology, divination etc can rob us of that precious human touch. There are days I wish I had someone ‘read’ the lines of my body, the curve of my hips, measured the depth of my bellybutton instead.

This is World Tarot Day yet I feel like it can just be. I wish tomorrow to be a World Hug Day cause by gods I need one.

Closing this with a more hopeful image from my tiny balcony


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  1. Lovely little leaf. Go enjoy some time in your garden, plant something for your friend.

  2. (((Jema))) Hope tomorrow holds pleasant, unexpected surprises and joys for you. 🙂

  3. The morning sun is shining through your leaf, let it warm you. Breathe in the good air, plant something for your friend – soon the flowers will come. You will meet again in dreams.



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